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Party Packs

The hostess party pack is the first and most vital step in ensuring a successful party. Send the pack too early and it may be put in a drawer and forgotten. Send too late and you have a cancelled party!
The ideal time to send a party pack is approximately three weeks before the party date (unless of course you have a close booking).
Depending on the time of the booking.
Don’t forget to ring your hostess the week after her pack arrives to check she has received it and that she has enough of everything. This would then be approximately two weeks before the party. The week before you can ring to see how she is getting on and does she need any more order forms, invites etc., and then tell her you will ring on the night or the night before to get directions and finalise numbers attending so you know what to pack!

You MUST include

  • One Catalogue 
  • Hostess Letter (Personal Letter) from you with incentives and details the Hostess will need to guarantee a successful party.
  • Fairy Wishes
  • 10-15 Invitations
  • Minimum of 2 Order Forms
  • An Application Form
  • A Business Card

Below are examples of a hostess letter and fairy wishes, both are downloadable in our Facebook Team page.