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Party Bookings and Creative Dates

Party Bookings



The most successful Ann Summers Party Ambassadors have learnt the art of ‘dating’. It is one of the most important fundamentals of your business. Just follow these simple guidelines and be ready with your diary to take those bookings!

Every lady is a potential hostess. Just as Ann Summers’ Ambassadors come from all walks of life and all age groups, so do out hostesses! There is no such thing as a typical hostess – never pre-judge!

Make sure you talk to every guest individually about booking a party and don’t leave anyone out – how would you feel if you were the only one not asked?

Never say ‘Would you like to hold a party?’ – ‘When would you like to hold your party?’! After all, look at all the benefits Ann Summers’ hostesses receive – how could anyone not want to book a party???

Talk about the benefits – hostess discount, hostess gifts, special offers, discounted items. Make the idea of booking a party very exciting and rewarding.

Whenever possible only take bookings within the next four weeks – the further away the party is booked the more chance there is of it postponing or cancelling. Offer one or two specific dates to the potential hostess – ‘would you prefer Monday 2nd or Friday 5th?’ Ask which day and offer the very next free Tuesday etc. you have – are there any dates not convenient for her? The easier you make it for the lady to book the more successful you will be!

Look & listen – if you hear a lady say that she cannot afford an item or can only order part of a set, show her how she could get if free simple by holding a party. Be aware of the conversations going on around you. Booking parties is not something that should just be at the end of the party, look & listen for potential hostesses from the moment they walk into the room. You must always be ready to make that date!

Take as many bookings as possible from each party. You should never be satisfied with just one or two – the more bookings you take the more money you make!

Encourage the help of your hostess, by party planning her properly she will help you get those bookings – after all, she won’t want to miss out on her fabulous Hostess Gift, will she? Our bookings for them – what a wonderful start to the party! Incidentally, they never forget to thank their Hostess and give her a small gift…

Always re-book the hostess. With our wonderful choice of items and twice-yearly catalogues, There is always to something to appeal – after all, you can never have too much of a good thing!

People book with people first. Your attitude and the enthusiasm you show at the party will encourage guests to want to book a party of their own and have you as their Party Ambassador. You must be friendly & professional at all times, and YOU should be the number one reason for a lady wanting to a party.

Just remember the 3 B’s


Creative Dates

A creative date is a party booking that you book into your diary from any other source than at a party. If you can creative date ‘all the time’ you will never go out of business. A party ambassador is not an ambassador if she cannot get parties. The first rule of creative dating is DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK!!


F.R.A.N – friends, relations, acquaintances and neighbours. This is the most obvious.

ADVERTISING - Placing adverts in the local press. Always be sure to put under part time section. Keep the ad simple. You can also place ads in your local corner shops and post office.

CANVASSING - Order your canvassing leaflets from head office or make your own. Purchasing them though letter boxes (take the kids they love it) or stand in your local town and hand out. Be sure not to stand outside an Ann Summers shop as this is not allowed.

COLD CALLING - (otherwise known as Peaing!) Sit at home with the local directory and go though. Contact pubs and clubs, health spars and hairdressers. The Peaing! Use 3 peas a day which a represent 3 contacts. It has been proven that one in every 3 people book a party. BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK!!

OLD DIARY’S - Your old diary has the most obvious contacts in. Old hostesses can be re-booked from 3, 6 or 12 months ago. Call old hostess with High party sales who did not re-book with you at her first party. Call old hostesses from promotional weeks and offer them the next promotion.

MAIL OUT - Mail out if you prefer to old hostesses a new catalogue and news of new promotions. Be sure to follow in 1 weeks’ time with a phone call to re-book.

BUSINESS CARDS always carry business cards with you. Anyone you meet you can give them your card. Even the lady on the checkout at Tesco’s.

CATALOGUES - always have your name and number on them. Keep in the back of the car as you may never know who you could bump in to. Each catalogue is a canvassing leaflet for you. You never know where those catalogues could end up.


They fill your diary quicker than parties from parties. Extra dates ALWAYS go into your diary within 2 to 3 weeks whereas parties from parties go within 4-6 weeks.

Each one is NEW BLOOD with more fresh potential hostesses and recruits there. On average a NEW booking brings in bigger party sales and 2 new bookings.