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How you Earn

The Big Question?

How do you earn?

You Earn 25% on EVERYTHING that you sell whether a £2 item or a £100 item! 

When you host parties you will earn 25% of the total sales. 
You get paid in cash as you buy the products from Ann Summers at a discount.
For Example...
On the night of your party you take £200 of sales. £150 is paid via card and £50 is paid in cash.
When placing your order your total for the items sold will be £150 therefore as you will have already paid on the £150 of card payments the £50 in cash left over is your wages to keep for the night! 

If at your party all customers pay by card its not a problem as once your order is placed and completed you can call Ann Summers and have any balance that remains on your account transferred back to you! 


We also have bonuses available...

Level one bonus will require you to achieve £1300 PBV within a calender month and you will receive a 5% payback on your sales for the month (£65)

Level Two Bonus will require you to achieve £3000 PBV within a calender months and you will receive a 10% payback on your sales for the month. (£300)

If earning a monthly wage is what you are looking for...

Your earnings can be unlimited! By building a team yourself you can then promote to a Senior Party Ambassador to earn 3% back on your own and your teams sales.
Progressing through the plan means higher percentage earnings too! 
Become a Team Ambassador will earn you 6% and for every new manager you promote the percentage increases!