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Figures are Sent once a week by the deadline of Monday at 6pm. This is needed so that I am able to monitor your business and also to send to our Regional Manager.


Please Copy and paste this into a NEW EMAIL and send to me each week completed. Remove the “How to Guide” Keep all Bold headers in order.

LEADS -  (How many people have told you they are interested in joining and given you their contact information?)

RECRUITS - (How many New recruits have you got since last Monday)

HELD - (How many Parties have you held since last Monday)

WEEK 1 - (How many parties between tomorrow and next Monday)

WEEK 2 - (How many parties between Next Monday and the following Monday, and continue for weeks 3,4,5,6...)

WEEK 3 -

WEEK 4 - 

WEEK 5 - 

WEEK 6 - 

PARTY BOOKINGS - (How many NEW dates did you book AT parties in the last week)

CREATIVE DATES - (How many new dates have you booked from anywhere BUT at a party in the last week...fb friends family etc)

ATTENDING -  (how many attended your parties this last week)

BUYING - (How many Brought from you in the last week include yourself if you ordered)

PARTY SALES - (How much in sales you achieved at parties in the last week)

OUTSIDE SALES - (How much in sales you achieved NOT at parties in the last week - FB, personal order etc)

Photo Voucher info -