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Are you wearing the right Bra Size?

We all have that one bra that's seen better days, may not fit exactly how it used too and definately is a slightly different shade to when you originally brought it.

However comfortable that bra may be though it won't be long before it dies and attempts to stab you in the heart! 

Let me tell you a secret! 

The better your bra fits the more comfortable it will be...Did you know almost two thirds on women in the UK are wearing the WRONG bra size? 

So how do you know if your bra is the right size? 

To start with you must always wear your bra on the loosest clip from day one, this allows you to tighten it as the bra ages and the elasticity becomes looser. If you buy a bra and wear it on the tightest clip from day one you won't be able to tighten it in the future. 

Make sure your straps are loose enough, you should never have red marks on your shoulders after removing your bra.

The same goes for the band of the bra, it should never be tight enough to leave marks but should also not be loose enough that you could be used as a catapult! 

The wires should circle your boobs, you don't want them stabbing you in the armpits or chest bone. If the wires are too far back under your arms this is a sure sign you are wearing the wrong size. 

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