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Ann Summers Party Games

Here are 6 of the most popular games to play at an Ann Summers party.

6 Top Ann Summers Games

1- Bridgette Jones Big Knickers

Everyone Gets Into Teams Of two one wears the pants...the other blows up the balloons. Starting with one balloon at a time its blown up and put into the other persons big knickers then the pair have to get into a sex position to pop the balloon! The first team to pop all 3 Balloons using 3 Different sex Positions WINS!

Ann Summers Party Game 1
Ann Summers Party Game 2

2- Willy Bobbing

Willy Bobbing! - A bowl full of cream and a mixture of marshmallows and a marshmallow willy!...whoever finds the willy using only their mouth wins!

3- I have Never...

Each Girl Gets 5 Cards, the object of the game is to be the first to run out of cards! A list of I have nevers are read out and if the girl HAS experienced it then she puts a card down...And of course with it being an Ann Summers Party the questions are a tad revealing!

Ann Summers Party Game 3
Ann Summers Party Game 4

4- Get 'em off!

Each Team gets a pair of big knickers a pair of rubber gloves and some chewits.
Two teams line up, the person in front of the line puts the gloves on, then knickers, then tries to open the sweet and once open, passes to next in line etc - first team to finish wins!

5- Walnut Whip

Half of the girls stand on a chair wearing big knickers/thongs over their clothes. The girls left must have their hands behind their back, and pull with their teeth on the thong/knickers down the leg of the girl, then get the girls on the chair to put a Walnut Whip between their legs, halfway up from their knees, and their partners must lick the cream out of the Walnut Whip.
Whoever finishes first wins!!

Ann Summers Party Game 5
Ann Summers Party Game 6

6- Fudge Frenzy

4 girls get into pairs
On 'go', one player lays on their back with a fudge between their legs, their partner has to eat it as quicklu as possible by only SUCKING! Once the first is gone they must switch positions and return the favour.
The first team to have both fudges gone is the winner!


I have dozens more!


Did you know that the Ann Summers Pixies are the fastest growing Ann Summers team in the area.
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